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 how we do it

We build a portfolio of investments by choosing from individual equities and fixed income to balance your risk.



Equities for growth

Equity investing, commonly known as stocks, is a share in a company and its profits. They allow an investor to benefit from the growth of a company. We have experience in many industry sectors and geographies to provide access and exposure to opportunities that are global. By keeping an eye on market trends, we are able to focus on stand-out companies that present attractive investment opportunities.



Fixed income for stability 

Income investing is simply money that you lend to organizations like banks and governments in exchange for interest payments and a return of principal at a later date. Many organizations use income investments to provide for retirement pensions, charity foundations and inheritances. We believe that everyone can benefit from some stability and income in their portfolio.


Emerging and Special Situation 

Providing exposure to innovation leaders

Innovation and change is at the core of this aspect of investment. At times, an inflection point is reached and we see shifts in technology or social thinking. One example of this is the cannabis industry that is beginning to emerge in Canada. In recent years, Canadians have shown a change in attitudes towards cannabis use which has encouraged the government to propel a new industry forward. Changes such as this can create interesting investment opportunities where leaders can emerge and be the first to profit in new markets.

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"Opportunities come infrequently. when it rains gold put out the bucket, not the thimble."

/  Warren buffett  /

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